Second Chances: Told someone how you felt and they paid you dust? Here’s how to respond.

It takes a LOT for some introverts to confront someone when they have hurt us for the second time.

We analyze what we we’re going to say and how to say it. Speaking out against a slight bothers us because we don’t expect for a person whom we’ve let in to express such a lack of empathy and an inability to say,”I’m sorry I hurt you,” and mean it.

This is the perfect way to respond to anyone who doesn’t respect you and what you had to say. Quote from universal_creations on Instagram:

Basically, if I try with you and you don’t appreciate my efforts, sooner or later I’m gonna be like f**k it, and start to do me.

I won’t tell you. I won’t let you know. We won’t have a conversation about it.

I’ll just leave you there, hanging. Like you left my feelings there, hanging.

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